Weigh Station Preclearance

PrePass is the most comprehensive, widely utilized weigh station bypass system in North America. PrePass technology improves safety at weigh station facilities and inspection sites by reducing traffic congestion and allowing agencies responsible for commercial vehicle compliance to focus on carriers that may need more attention.

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SafetySTAT helps agencies responsible for commercial motor vehicle compliance quickly spot trends to help mitigate safety and other risks, manage limited resources and supply insights into weigh station operational effectiveness.

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PrePass Safety Alliance empowers carriers to improve safety. With INFORM Safety software, it’s simple to view inspection, violation and bypass data and determine exactly what needs improvement.

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Toll Payment Services

PrePass Plus toll management service provides seamless and efficient toll payments and where available, discounted tolling rates. If there’s a need for toll reconciliation or dispute resolution, PrePass Plus has you covered with toll transaction access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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INFORM Tolling

Find out exactly how much you’re spending on toll payments, manage violations, prevent fraud and more with the INFORM Tolling software and visual interface.

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