Improve Weigh Station Operation

SafetySTAT helps law enforcement officers, managers and administrators monitor, analyze and see commercial truck size and weight, credential, safety, state bypass and other operational activity. This allows them to quickly spot trends, mitigate safety and other risks, manage limited resources and provide insights into weigh station effectiveness and operation.

SafetySTAT software presents this data in an easy-to-use, intuitive format so users can quickly understand information, generate documentation and make decisions. It provides state law enforcement partners with easy access to actionable bypass and inspection trend data for easy communication to both internal and external stakeholders.

SafetySTAT is provided to PrePass Safety Alliance enforcement members and other approved traffic safety partners at no charge.

Data-Driven Enforcement

With SafetySTAT, enforcement agencies can easily spot enforcement trends, safety concerns and site performance improvements. Data includes state-level roadside inspection activity, citations, out-of-service orders and DOT reportable crashes. You can use SafetySTAT to:

  • Pinpoint site operation performance metrics for benchmarking
  • Identify peak activity times to optimize staffing levels
  • Understand infraction trends and areas of inspection focus
  • Compare site performance metrics to industry averages
  • Simplify reporting requirements with enforcement and preclearance trends
  • See real actionable results from planned enforcement initiatives

Insightful Reporting

State law enforcement agencies can use SafetySTAT’s data visualizations and analytics for easier and faster communications with both their internal as well as their external stakeholders.

For example, SafetySTAT can be used in conversations with state and federal officials and lawmakers, who approve the use of taxpayer money for funding and grants. SafetySTAT allows law enforcement to tell their story of where truck safety enforcement dollars can be used best and more efficiently.

SafetySTAT gives you data at your fingertips:

  • Captivating dashboard and visuals that display data trends for simple analysis
  • Interactive map drill-downs to regions and sites
  • No need to create, manipulate or manage excel spreadsheets
  • Ability to easily download, save and annotate data visuals
  • Subscription options to receive reports on a regular basis
  • Export charts, graphs and raw data into other systems

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