May 1, 2023

Revolutionizing Fleet Efficiency: Eleos Joins Forces with PrePass to Streamline Commercial Vehicle Operations

PHOENIX – May 1, 2023 – Eleos, a leading provider of fleet management software solutions, announced today that it has partnered with PrePass Safety Alliance to integrate PrePass weigh station bypass services into the Eleos platform. The integration will enable Eleos customers to enjoy seamless access to PrePass services, including weigh station bypass and critical driver safety ALERTS.

“We are excited to partner with PrePass, a trusted industry leader in safety and compliance solutions, to deliver a seamless experience for our customers,” said Kevin Survance, founder and CEO of Eleos. “Our mission is to help fleets simplify their operations and maximize their efficiency, and this partnership is another step towards achieving that goal.”

Mark Doughty, President and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance, added: “We are pleased to welcome Eleos as a new PrePass integration partner. Our weigh station bypass services help trucking companies save time and money while improving safety and compliance. By integrating PrePass services into the Eleos platform, we are making it easier for fleets to access our services and maximize their benefits.”

With this latest PrePass integration, fleets will experience increased driver satisfaction and fewer stops at weigh stations while enjoying an award-winning fleet management system, providing everything motor carriers need for a safe, compliant, and efficient operation. In addition, fleets receive real-time driver safety ALERTS™ for work zones, traffic congestion, dangerous slowdowns, available truck parking,  traffic incidents, rest areas, gusty winds, steep grades, truck parking, and no commercial vehicle areas.

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About Eleos:

Eleos is passionate about our customers and the custom mobile apps they help fleets create for their drivers. Custom apps allow fleets to run their business in the way that works best for them, giving them the flexibility and control to create a driver experience that is unique to their organization – and Eleos loves being a part of the process. As Eleos helps fleets develop better tools, they aspire to be known for their innovation, reliability, and ability to make a difference for their clients and their drivers. Learn more at

About PrePass Safety Alliance:

PrePass Safety Alliance is a non-profit public-private partnership working to make highways safer and more efficient through innovative data-driven solutions. The Alliance owns PrePass and is the only preclearance provider based entirely in the United States of America. To date, the Alliance has invested more than $900 million nationwide to deploy services to improve safety, reduce truck-related emissions and preserve highway infrastructure. Learn more at

About PrePass:

PrePass® is the leading truck safety bypass and data platform in North America. PrePass allows states to preclear qualified commercial motor carriers to safely bypass ports of entry and weigh station facilities at highway speeds. This minimizes delays in freight movement while saving PrePass carriers time, fuel, and money. It also helps government entities improve highway safety by focusing agency resources on at-risk carriers. Based on their safety compliance and up-to-date credentials, more than 750,000 commercial vehicles in 105,000 fleets use PrePass services. Learn more at