Who We Are

Founded in 1993, PrePass Safety Alliance, formerly HELP Inc., was the first non-profit public-private partnership (P3) dedicated to advancing the safety and efficiency of the commercial transportation industry. The Alliance’s flagship program, PrePass, allows motor carriers with solid safety ratings to bypass inspection facilities and helps enforcement and compliance agencies focus on trucks that may need attention. PrePass Safety Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of an equal number of public sector and trucking industry representatives.

Our Mission

PrePass Safety Alliance’s mission is making highways safer and more efficient through innovative data-driven solutions. Our services help increase safety, reduce delays and costs, and enhance the economic and environmental benefits that the freight sector contributes to the nation. The Alliance will continue to serve its customers by identifying and developing advanced technologies that increase transportation system interoperability and performance.


PrePass Safety Alliance reduces traffic congestion, improves carrier safety practices and promotes safer roadways by electronically screening and bypassing only the safest, most qualified fleets.


PrePass Safety Alliance fosters collaboration between government and the private sector to improve truck safety, providing measurable results for public policy and industry decision-makers.


PrePass Safety Alliance saves carriers time, fuel and billions in operating expenses over more than two decades, while helping to make regulatory enforcement and compliance more efficient.


PrePass Safety Alliance offers innovative technology and services focused on data reliability, security and actionable information for improved decision-making.

PrePass Safety Alliance Services

Making Our Roads Safer

PrePass Safety Alliance offers a comprehensive, cost-effective suite of services to government and the commercial vehicle industry. Since The Alliance began compiling data in 1997, the PrePass® weigh station bypass program has provided:

  • Over 390 fixed, operational sites
  • 72 million driver time hours saved
  • 350,000 million gallons of fuel saved
  • $7 billion in operational cost savings
  • 763,000 metric tons of emissions reduction
  • Over 850,000,000 bypasses since 1997

"One of the hallmarks of PrePass Safety Alliance is its innovation, its willingness to adapt and lead the industry. To deliver on its promises, but also to be constantly suggesting new ways that our members can benefit – and new ways they can work with both Federal and State organizations. They’re a leader."

- Ken Armstrong, Florida Trucking Association

“PrePass is an endorsed service we can supply to our members. We only endorse products through a full vetting process. These are approved through a panel of former Chairmen of the association that have the ability to ask questions, fully understand the benefits of the product and have confidence in the organization.”

- Dave Huneryager, Tennessee Trucking Association

"Our carrier members take safety very seriously. We appreciate PrePass® and the opportunity to promote our most safest drivers and allow them to participate in this wonderful program. Carriers enjoy time savings, fuel savings, and appreciate the ability to bypass ports of entry and improve efficiency in their operations."

- Rick Clasby, Utah Trucking Association