December 15, 2020

Motor Carriers Save More Time, Money on E-470 with PrePass Plus

Service combines electronic toll payment and weigh station bypass on one device.

PHOENIX – Dec. 14, 2020 – Motor carriers on Colorado’s E-470 can now save time and money with the expansion of the PrePass Plus electronic toll payment service to the tolling authority. The PrePass service combines weigh station bypass service and electronic toll payments in one simple transponder mounted safely on trucks.

“E-470 is pleased to work with PrePass in supporting our Colorado Motor Carriers Association and commercial customers with seamless and efficient toll payments and account management,” said E-470 Executive Director Tim Stewart. “Our mission is to improve the journey of our customers and this partnership represents our commitment to supporting our customers.”

E-470 enabled drivers to save 43.2 million hours of time in traffic in 2019 alone, which translates to a net value of $354.5 million in time saved. PrePass Plus transponders integrate seamlessly into the E-470 network, and provides motor carriers access to discounted electronic toll fees, hassle-free toll management to aid in toll reconciliation, and streamlined invoicing that eliminates the need for receipt collection and management of multiple accounts.

“We would like to commend E-470 and PrePass for responding to industry requests, especially in this time of the pandemic, to provide greater efficiencies and cost savings through this program,” Greg Fulton, President of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association. “Our long-time partnerships with PrePass and E-470 allow our members and the entire trucking industry to save time and money while increasing safety on the roadways.”

PrePass is the only service that combines weigh station bypassing and electronic toll payment services with a single transponder. Transponder RFID technology remains the most reliable and secure platform for remote communication of sensitive data. In addition to E-0470, the PrePass Plus transponder works with tolling authorities and PrePass weigh station bypass locations across the country.

“E-470 and the Colorado Motor Carriers Association set a great example in working together to improve safety, convenience and efficiency on the highway,” said Mark Doughty, President & CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance. “In an industry like trucking where time means money, motor carriers who use PrePass Plus to enjoy touch-free electronic tolling on E-470 will save both.”

Enrollment with E-470 is not automatic. While there is no additional charge, PrePass Plus customers must opt-in to the expanded services in Colorado. To enroll or for more information about transponder options available through PrePass, please visit

PrePass Safety Alliance provides PrePass®, the leading truck safety bypass and data platform in North America. PrePass allows states to preclear qualified commercial motor carriers to bypass inspection facilities at highway speeds and provides driver safety ALERTS™, electronic toll payment services and INFORM™ Safety and Tolling software. Over 600,000 commercial vehicles from more than 77,000 fleets utilize PrePass services to save time, fuel and money.

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