February 14, 2018

PrePass Expands Bypass Opportunities to Six New States

A new partnership with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) allows PrePass customers to bypass weigh stations that are part of the NORPASS system. WSDOT recently announced the new agreement and posted information about enrollment on its website. The extended service adds 23 new locations within Washington, Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, New York and South Dakota.

The transponder-based NORPASS weigh station bypass system is managed by WSDOT on behalf of the other states in the NORPASS system. HELP Inc., the provider of PrePass, worked with WSDOT on a cooperative agreement that will enable drivers to use one transponder for weigh station bypassing at NORPASS and PrePass locations.

In addition, HELP recently signed a similar interoperability agreement with Oregon Department of Transportation, allowing properly enrolled PrePass transponders to bypass more than 20 Oregon Green Light weigh stations.

“The goal is one transponder that will work everywhere,” said Anne Ford, WSDOT’s commercial vehicle services administrator. “We are pleased our partnership with HELP Inc. helps achieve that goal.”

PrePass customers who want to use their transponders at NORPASS locations or in Oregon Green Light should contact PrePass customer service at 1-800-773-7277. As part of the registration process, carriers must submit a signed waiver of HELP’s data privacy policy to allow HELP the ability to share transponder data with WSDOT. There is no additional cost to enroll PrePass transponders or participate in the NORPASS program.

“We are excited to be entering into this partnership with Washington and NORPASS to expand bypass opportunities,” said Karen Rasmussen, president and CEO of HELP Inc. “Safe fleets and drivers appreciate the time and fuel savings of PrePass as well as opportunities for interoperability of their transponders.”

Once the enrollment process is complete, bypassing NORPASS locations should be smooth driving ahead for PrePass’ safe drivers.

Stay tuned for future updates on PrePass!