June 1, 2020

What exactly is PrePass Plus?

Imagine that instead of having five transponders on your windshield for multiple tolling authorities, you need only one. PrePass Plus allows carriers to electronically pay tolls without stopping at toll plazas and use the same device for weigh station bypass. Where offered by tolling agencies, the Alliance receives discounted tolling rates and passes these discounts on to the PrePass Plus customer. As part of PrePass Plus, the Alliance can research, dispute and reconcile erroneous or fraudulent tolls on behalf of its customers. As an added benefit, PrePass Plus customers can access their toll transactions daily, equipping them to bill toll costs in real-time to shippers. By facilitating electronic tolling, the Alliance provides four keys benefits; reducing traffic congestion in toll plazas, incentivizing truckers to use less congested toll roads, no need for drivers to carry cash in the cab for payment, reducing tolling authorities administrative costs.