June 1, 2020

How do PrePass products and services benefit the public?

Trucks move over 70% of all goods in America, including medical supplies, textbooks, electronics, and emergency equipment and temporary housing in times of need.  Nearly every product consumers buy in the grocery store, at the mall, even at the gas station, arrived in a commercial vehicle. PrePass Safety Alliance partners with the trucking industry and government agencies to develop products that improve safety on the highway, reduce emissions, and deliver those goods efficiently. Since 1997, trucks equipped with PrePass products reduced emissions by 798,901 metric tons, saved 361 million gallons of fuel and gained 75 million more hours of productivity on the road, amounting to nearly $7 billion in cost savings. That adds up to lower prices at the store, safer highways and a cleaner environment. Even better, the Alliance provides these services and infrastructure improvements at no cost to states, meaning no extra burden on taxpayers. Find out how PrePass Safety Alliance benefits your state here.