June 1, 2020

Does PrePass Safety Alliance report carrier PrePass data to government agencies?

Today, concerns over data privacy are greater than ever. While traffic cameras and even cell phones can be used to follow a truck or driver’s every move, the Alliance does not track carriers or share carrier data, with few exceptions. The founders of the PrePass system were acutely aware of maintaining privacy and confidentiality. Our data privacy policies, along with federal and state personal privacy regulations, prevent the collection and sharing of any driver’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The Alliance automatically purges all carrier PrePass transaction data after 90 days. The Alliance’s Data Committee and Board of Directors continually review data privacy laws and rulings to ensure that its actions protect individual privacy while supporting critical enforcement actions.

In alignment with our primary mission of highway safety, PrePass Safety Alliance is authorized and obligated to report carrier data to a state or federal enforcement agency when a vehicle/driver is the subject of a criminal investigation,  there is sufficient probable cause to believe a vehicle/driver is carrying drugs or other contraband, there is a national security issue or there is an actual or impending situation that may cause injury, loss of life of destruction of property.