July 8, 2024

CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week Is Here

This week, July 7-13, 2024, is Operation Safe Driver Week. During Operation Safe Driver Week, law enforcement focuses on one critical aspect of driving by both professional truck drivers and motorists. In 2024, all drivers of all vehicles will be targeted for high-risk driving behaviors.

Here are the signs of high-risk driving behavior:

  • Speeding – the most frequent driver-related crash factor, regardless of vehicle type. Speeding is a factor in 26% of all crash deaths since 2008. Speeding is any vehicle operation at an MPH unsafe for conditions, not just operations over the posted speed limit.
  • Distracted driving – in 2019, distracted driving claimed 3,142 lives. Distraction includes the use of cell phones while driving, fiddling with dashboard control knobs, and talking to passengers or co-workers… anything that takes the driver’s eyes and concentration off the road.
  • Drunk driving – drunk driving takes a daily toll of 28 lives in the U.S. Today, drunk driving includes driving under the influence of drugs.
  • Failure to wear seat belts – 47% of passenger car occupants killed in 2019 were not wearing seat belts. But seat belts are important for truck drivers, too. No matter who or what causes a crash, a seat belt prevents more extensive injury.

What will law enforcement be looking for to detect “high-risk” driver behavior? Following too close, hard braking, sudden lane changes, swerving, failure to signal. Truck drivers should always avoid these, and other risky behaviors, not just during Operation Safe Driver Week. This week, drivers will receive close attention by law enforcement.

Every year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance organizes three major truck inspection events across North America. CVSA is a non-profit association of commercial motor vehicle safety officials in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with participation by trucking industry representatives. The truck inspection events provide an annual snapshot of trucking safety and compliance, helping commercial law enforcement, motor carriers and professional drivers work on areas needing improvement.

For more information on Operation Safe Driver Week, check the CVSA website at (https://www.cvsa.org/programs/operation-safe-driver/). Meanwhile, let’s make every week and every day safe for our truck drivers and the ones with whom they share the road.