January 16, 2020

ATA Renews PrePass as Endorsed Featured Product

The American Trucking Associations has renewed PrePass – a product of the PrePass Safety Alliance – as an Endorsed ATA Business Solutions Featured Product. ATA also endorses PrePass Safety Alliance’s PrePass Plus electronic toll payment solution, and its MOTION, ALERTS, and INFORM products.

PrePass is a weigh station bypass platform offered throughout North America that allows qualified commercial vehicles with good safety scores and current credentials to bypass hundreds of inspection facilities using a secure, hands-free in-cab electronic device.

“Minimizing truck downtime is key for a fleet’s productivity and profitability,” said ATA president and CEO Chris Spear. “The service and technology offered in PrePass exemplify how innovative products can streamline a carrier’s operations and increase efficiency throughout the entire supply chain.”

Within seconds of approaching a PrePass-equipped site, the service automatically pre-screens vehicles and notifies drivers if they are cleared to stay on the road and bypass truck scales, or if they need to pull in for inspection.

PrePass Plus offers electronic toll payment options. INFORM, included in both services, is a comprehensive data management suite that assists fleets in accessing and understanding their inspection, bypass and tolling data so they can take actions to improve safety scores and reduce operating costs.

“With steadily increasing costs and reduced productivity, the trucking industry needs to save time and money wherever possible without sacrificing safety,” said PrePass Safety Alliance president and CEO Mark Doughty. “PrePass works with carriers to ensure they maximize their efficiency and safety benefits by receiving the largest possible number of bypasses and eliminating toll road delays. The PrePass suite of services truly helps carriers improve driver satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, their bottom line.”